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After we had checked in, he reviewed our itinerary with us to confirm pick-up times for each tour. Morning: Begin your day at Giza, before the crowds and haze descend on the site.Play with perspective by posing with the three enchanting pyramids of Cheops, Khafre. The iconic head of a pharaoh with a lion's body dates back to the time of Khafre.He had an impressive list of credentials: Chancellor of the King of Egypt, Doctor, First in line after the King of Upper Egypt, Administrator of the Great Palace, Hereditary nobleman, High Priest of Heliopolis, Builder, Chief Carpenter, Chief Sculptor, and Maker of Vases in Chief. Morning: After all the big-city chaos, it's time to enjoy a little of Egypt’s natural side by visiting Wadi Rayyan (Wadi al-Rayan), a protected area in Egypt's harsh and deserted Western Desert.

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Conveniently, Egypt's most famous sights are also world heritage sites.

Egypt has 7 UNESCO sites, 6 cultural and one natural, and we planned our itinerary around them.

Also be sure to see the Valley Temple, which is connected to the Pyramid of Khafre. Walking all the way around the base or climbing the steps will give you a clear sense of a pyramid’s massive size.

Makes you wonder, Related tour: Giza Pyramids, Sphinx and Sakkara – Private Full Day Tour Afternoon: Memphis, the ancient capital of Old Egypt during the Old Kingdom, was founded by King Menes.

Expect local accommodation, cuisine, and transport to connect you with the planet’s people, cultures, landscapes and wildlife.

An alternative is to make your own lodging arrangements and book a series of day trips.

This UNESCO site holds hundreds of whale skeletons as well as dramatic rock formations that challenge the imagination.

Scientists say the desert had been an ocean at one time. We believe the whales were marooned there as the waters receded from the Great Flood.

Visit the Step Pyramid at Saqqara, which was designed for King Djoser by his chancellor, Imhotep.

Imhotep was one of only a few commoners ever to be accorded divine status after death.


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