A Problem By Anton Chekhov Essay

A Problem By Anton Chekhov Essay-3
[tags: Love, Anton Chekhov, Marriage, Wife] - “Love, friendship and respect do not unite people as much as a common hatred for something.” These are famous words from Russian author, Anton Chekhov.Chekhov was a very pertinent writer during the Victorian Era.While “The Bishop” is not a direct reflection of Chekhov’s life, the story does reflect elements of his life.

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Dmitri Gurov is a banker from Moscow who is fascinated by the appearance of a woman who happens to be walking alone, along the sea of Yalta.

Gurov is a married man who also happens to have kids but unfortunately, he despises his wife whom he characterizes as ignorant (Chekhov, 166)....

[tags: Literature, Writing, Victorian era, Anton Chekhov] - Every writer usually incorporates a little bit of themselves and writes about important topics to them whether it is fiction or non-fiction.

Most pieces of writing have embedded feelings and opinions throughout their story in the issues that they discuss and how the characters react in the situation.

Born in 1860, he started writing during a critical time for authors of his kind - those that focused on the most practical details of actual human life through writing, the people who expressed their realistic outlooks on the world as they knew it without holding back.

During this time, realism was a writing style that didn’t appear often - it was essentially taboo to write in such a way....For instance, “The Lady with a Dog” by Anton Chekhov addresses many issues that were prominent throughout the time this piece was written.The issues addressed ranged from gender roles and equality to infidelity within marriages....Thus, he had been unfaithful to her for a long time.While Anna, who lived in S--- also felt that her marriage was a mistake, but was faithful until she arrived at Yalta.During the story we grasp how and when the characters change according to the events in their lives.The end of the story is realistically possible since there is no idea of what may happen next....The mood of the story in the beginning was simply just a man casually looking for an affair, and he would prey on women who are just traveling out of their city’s passing by on the streets of Yalta.The mood changes from the beginning from Dmitri, the main male character, just wanting a random hook up, to him falling madly in love with this lady that came to his city with her dog at the end....In the short story “Misery”, Anton Chekhov effectively shows the desperation of communication through the character Iona Potapov and his mare.Chekhov illustrates the difficulty Iona faces to communicate his sufferings to the various people he speaks to as a sleigh driver....


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