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Although no solid historical evidence exists that he actually did this, today the doors of the church have Martin Luther's theses permanently inscribed in them.The 95 theses were posted on the Church in Wittenburg by the German monk and religious reformer Martin Luther in 1517.In his theses, Luther condemned the excesses and corruption of the Roman Catholic Church, especially the papal practice of asking payment, called "indulgences", for the forgiveness of sins.

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If Luther wanted to raise interest in a debate, the church door was the logical place to post the theses.

One can only guess, if you read through the 95 Theses, some of them are remarkable in that they are orthodox Catholic teaching, and always have been.

The theses were basically disagreements Martin Luther had with the practices of the Catholic Church. Luther made the break with Catholicism on Halloween Of l5l7.

(the 95 Theses) I assume you are talking about Martin Luther.

Some copies of the theses were sent to friends and church officials, but the disputation never took place.

Albert of Brandenburg, archbishop of Mainz, sent the theses to some theologians whose judgment moved him to send a copy to Rome and demand action against Luther. Luther was calling for a debate on the most neuralgic issue of his time: the relationship between money and religion.I find this very difficult to reconcile with his famous 95 Theses - I can not picture a first year…There was no such thing as a "protestant religion" until the very end of the Renaissance.He was most famous for starting the protestant revolt and removing all principalities from the means of salvation.He was a terrible anti-Semite who proved the groundwork for Hitler…When they returned, they showed the pardons they had bought to Luther, claiming they no longer had to repent for their sins.Luther's frustration with this practice led him to write the 95 Theses, which were quickly snapped up, translated from Latin into German and distributed widely.The theses were written in Latin and printed on a folio sheet by the printer John Gruenenberg, one of the many entrepreneurs in the new print medium first used in Germany about 1450.Luther was calling for a "disputation on the power and efficacy of indulgences out of love and zeal for truth and the desire to bring it to light." He did so as a faithful monk and priest who had been appointed professor of biblical theology at the University of Wittenberg, a small, virtually unknown institution in a small town.Martin Luther helped start the reformation of the Catholic church.On October 31, 1517, Luther posted his 95 theses on the door of the Whitenburg Cathedral (which seems rather bold; however, many people would post things on church doors--a lot like how people post discussion topics on a forum) that discussed the sale of indulgences.


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