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Introduction: The 8D (Eight Disciplines) Problem Solving Methodology is a step-by-step problem solving methodology pioneered by Ford Motor Company through its Team Oriented Problem Solving Global 8D Process.

Also Available: DMAIC Basics 8D Problem-Solving Training teaches learners how to solve problems in a team setting using the 8D (8Discipline) problem-solving method.

Each of the eight steps is presented and explained in detail.

As a result, the first three stages are typically accomplished and reported in just three days.

It is also used to react to safety or regulatory issues, or when performance is occurring at unacceptable levels.

When followed diligently, 8D will lead to the discovery of the root causes and possible solutions with consideration of cost, timing, effect on customers, and the impact on the organisation.

In this 2-day practical workshop, participants will learn through a step by step instructional process of preparation, establishing a team, brainstorming, to systematically analysing and preventing problems from recurring.Colin Mc Ardle, the Founder and Managing Director of Kaizen Kulture is a Lean and Six Sigma Master Black Belt who has over 30 years industry experience.Kaizen Kulture's mission is to be true to the ethos of continuous improvement.In addition, participants will learn the practical problem solving tools required by the 8D process.Through the workshop, participants will be able to appreciate why implementing and using an 8D problem solving methodology using a multi-disciplined team is beneficial and important, especially when meeting customer expectations.The aim is to use cross-functional teams to find the root cause of a problem, devise a short-term fix, and implement a long-term solution to prevent problems from recurring.Where the use of 8D is mandated, such as in the Automotive Industry, the emphasis is on fast reactions.It is hence an essential tool within the Continuous Improvement toolbox.The 8D process uses a combination of effective techniques and tools to focus a cross functional team through a very detailed analysis of the problem.The 8D Problem Solving (Eight Disciplines) approach can be used to identify, correct and eliminate the recurrence of quality problems.8D is a problem-solving methodology for product and process improvement.


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