8 D Problem Solving

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Furthermore, 8D Methodology is used to implement structural long-term solutions to prevent recurring problems.

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Defining the problem could mean a to observe the problem on the shop floor, analyzing quality data and/or using is/is-not analysis to more precisely define the issue.

As much as possible, try to describe and quantify the problem in terms of: Temporary containment minimizes the impact of the problem while you develop permanent solutions, and is especially important where product quality or safety is at risk.

If it’s a part problem, the engineer responsible for design should be on the team.

If it’s a production issue, you’ll want to loop in the supervisor from the specific work area.

Management needs to be an active participant in verifying implementation of corrective actions.

That means they need to be a visible presence both on the shop floor and in regular reviews of key performance indicators (KPIs) to measure effectiveness.

This overview looks at 8D best practices and pitfalls to avoid, helping manufacturers better understand how to use the method to address nonconformances and reduce risk.

Before you take any action to solve the problem, you need a plan to identify the appropriate people and resources for the job.

Sorting mixed parts or cleaning up a mess addresses only the symptoms of the problem, not its root cause.

The result: repeat problems, rising costs and potential loss of business.


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